Branch Tee (Round Body - SW)

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Branch Tee (Round Body - SW) fitting is used in pipe systems to attach the straight pipe or tubing sections, adapt to the same sizes or shapes and for other purposes, such as regulating (or measuring) fluid flow. A tee pipe fitting with female connection on the two directly ends with a male connection on the branch. A tee is the most common pipe fitting for used to combine (or divide) fluid flow. It is accessible with female thread sockets, solvent-weld sockets or different solvent-weld sockets and a female-threaded side outlet.

Tees can attach pipes of different diameters or alter the direction of a pipe run, or both. These brass tees are obtainable in various connection types for your exact purpose. They can help give leak tight seals in gas or liquid service. Designed with 4:1 protection factor with respect to working pressure capabilities of the tubing used. Compression design allows simple assembly. Use in refineries, chemical processing, authority generation, and impulse lines.

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Branch Tee (Round Body - SW) Fittings

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Available in a selection of materials, sizes, and finishes, they can also be used to transport two-fluid mixtures. Tees can be equal or unequal in size of their 3 connections, with equal tees the most common. Vent stacks help the water exhaust and vent sewer gases to the outside. A tee has an inlet and an outlet and is produced like the letter “T.” These fittings arrive in different sizes and are careful sturdier than the cross fitting.

Neelkamal Alloys is one stop destination of Branch Tee (Round Body - SW).

We Make Branch Tee (Round Body - SW) in Various Grade, Diameters & Thickness as per Customer Drawings & Specifications :

Branch Tee (Round Body - SW) Specification

Pressure Ratings : Up to 11 000 psig (760 bar),
Medium-Pressure - Up to 20 000 psig (1378 bar)
High-Pressure - Up to 60 000 psig (4134 bar).

Types : NPT, ISO/BP, SAE/MS, AN, weld ends

Sizes : 1/16 to 2 in.; 2 to 50 mm,
Medium-Pressure - 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 9/16, 3/4, 1 in.; 6, 10, 12 mm
High-Pressure - 1/8 to 9/16 in

Temperature Ratings : Up to 1000°F (537°C).

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