Pipe Fittings Manufacturers In India

Neelkamal Alloys is the leading  Pipe Fittings Manufacturers In India. We are also Suppliers, Wholesalers and Exporters of Pipe Fittings products in India. You can refer to Pipe Fittings also as a pipe connector. These arrive in numerous lengths to match the pipe that is going to be attached to them..

The pipe can be used after fastening them with each other to extend the size of the pipe or changing the flow of water when they are used in the plumbing procedure. SS Pipe Fitting Types are classified into various segments which includes the following :

  • Union Fittings
  • Coupling Fittings
  • Nipple Fittings
  • Adapter Fittings
  • Tee Fittings
  • Plug Reducer Fittings
  • Connector Fittings
  • Elbow Fittings

Types of Stainless Steel 304 Pipe Fittings has different parts that help it to work correctly. The first part which controls water flow is Elbows are manufactured on a large scale in two specific categories of Ninety and forty-five-degree being an essential need in the plumbing industry by the wholesalers. Ninety-degree elbow mainly wielded to attach pipes to the water pumps and deck pit.

Where the forty-five-degree angle is utilized in water supply establishments also in the electronic and chemical industrial channels system. The second part, which is coupling in the pipe fitting, is manipulated to cease the leakage. The third part of pipe fitting is an adapter that is fastened to the tubes to improve the adapter size or if the pipe doesn't have reasonable edges.